Saturday, April 16, 2011

mid life crisis?

I dont know if i have hit mid life yet, guess i wont know that one till im on empty. But if so  the mid life crisis has hit me and i didnt even feel it coming.  As of resent i have traded up for a 2007 harley sportster, damn thing only had 1490 miles on it. its like brand new, i had to save it from the clutches of some undeserving kid how would miss treat it. I have gone out and bought a new wardrobe probably because the old one was old. I have regularly been checking my bank statements and watching my retirement with an eagles eye. But the one thing that i did was make a deal with the Devil (Dentist)that i have been wanting to do for many many yrs.  I wanted new teeth, and due to the extremly high cost of dental work my options were limited.   I choose to go with dentures, so last week i went in and had 11 teeth pulled out at the same time. we had all ready done all the preliminary stuff. so right after the extractions, the dentist shoved my dentures in my mouth and said leave these in for 24 hrs , come back in the morning and i'll see how everything is looking.   After a very long night of poping hydrocodones i went in and he took out the dentures to see in there for any complications.   What great relief to get them out, wanted to leave them out and was totaly second guessing my plan to do this in the first place.  but here it is a week and 2 days later and all is good , things are healing fine and im starting to get used to talking with a mouth full of marbles. the dentures i have now are temps and in 8 months or so i get my perms  which will snap in place(no glue)like a snap on your jacket, should be interesting.   This has geen a source of embaressment for almost my whole life, there was a reason i never smiled and i was very aware of it. so now when i look in the mirror and smile it doesnt look like me and i think to my self (dude you need to take smiling lessons).  so the next time you see me ,if i dont smile you my need to remind me that is ok. just a new habit im going to have to learn. now i have to learn how to eat with them. wish me luck

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


got your comments all is good.  and i will take video if they launch, it will be from coa coa beach so i dont know how well it could turn out but i will see.

Friday, January 7, 2011


had my laptop into geeksqaud had it cleaned up, and now i have a spam detector on my blog how do get rid of it. Carla that is why you cant post a comment.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy xnew yr

went to deadwood south dakota for xmas had fun meet new freinds played in texas holdem tourny .  placed 7th out of 30 players  didnt win any money but had a good cheap time.  Stayed at the Bullock Hotel, first hotel built in deadwood. Haunted by the very man who built the place. think he came in and serviced my room the first night i was there, or might have been all the free beer they give you at the cascino. in any case it was good fun.  spent three days playing slots, cards, and eating the best food south dakota has to offer.  Didnt win much money, but then i just went to get out of here, and reflect on my life with Donna, dont know that anything got solved , but i at least felt better when i got home.  three week break from school have to get caught up on repairs, services, and paper work. its nice and slow at this time but shit is about to cut loss with basketball, wrestling, fieldtrips and activity trips.  To the outside looking in it most not seem like much at all, but from the otherside its long, nonstop, and  many miles to drive. I truley like it, call me silly or crazey. just dont call me lazy.  Got a new part time job with a oilfield company as there mechanic, super nice people, good crew, and old equipment that never stops needing worked on.  also going to florida in february to visit my good buddy johnboy and his lady friend. while there we will go to the Daytona 500, party our ass off and hopefully watch the last schudled spaceschuttle launch, depending on the weather.   tata  for now.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


truck is back in shop for another new transmission. less than 1000 miles of around town and highway driving, most of that was back and for to the trany shop this time i am going to a different shop in casper which is 50 miles closer. set up a date with new shop, dropped off truck same day they recieved the tranny. mike the owner of the shop told me it should be done in 2 days. I figure 3 days if they get done before they will call. Three days pass and i'm in casper running around on a parts mission, and i drive by mikes shop and here sets my truck right were i left it. I call mike and ask how my trucks doing , after telling him who i was, and he says what truck is yours. I tell him what truck. He says we got the tranny shipped in the same day you dropped off the truck. but when we opened crate the transmission housing it self had a crack in it, so we sent it back and are expecting another one next week. So my truck is still sidelined it sucks ass but the temp outside has been in the 60 to 70 range, unheard of for NOV. 7th in this country. but good for walking.  On the bright side i should never have to buy tires or gasoline again.                                                             

As for my work situation, I'm still in limbo. I went in and fought hard enough and to get to stay ouy in midwest , while the premier rulers of NCSD decide my fate. A new,old issue has came up that has put my issue on a back burner for now. It seems that the guy (JV)  i currently work under in midwest is sort of underinvestigation by HR and the new director of transportation. I was reciently called to town to have a meeting with the new director ( CB)  .    CB called me in , we talked about my problems, wanted to know what to do to fix it. and i told him to leave me in midwest that i didnt want to come back, it was a lengthy talk , when he just broke into asking me about (JV). what he does all day, were does he go during the day,does he take off during the day for long periods of tme, does he dissapear and you dont see him again till the next day. Lots and lots of  questions on this line And i had to answer yes to all because JV does do all these things, every day, and has for yrs. The bus drivers like to talk alot.  somebody called CB and told him of all this and much more. I have given JV a heads up told him what is coming his way and he doesnt seem to care. Nothing has changed, he still does as normal and says if they want to fire me let them, they have to prove everything and i have keep documentation of everything for the last 13 yrs  (lies). Anyway all is in limbo and the speed at which NCSD operates it could be months before anything is settled.
OK  EVERYBODY  if you  would please goggle MIDWEST and EDGERTON WYOMING this is were i currently work. checkout the history  these little towns it is very intreseting , some triva and facts i bet you didnt know.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

mission statement

this week i was notified that i was to report back to the casper bus garage by nov 1st . I was sent out to midwest bus garage almost two yrs ago by my boss, who since has retired, because i and the other assholes in the casper shop did not get along. These guys have been working together for almost 20 yrs. two of them are attached together at the u-joint, and the other is the shop foreman who has had his uncle, father, and currently soninlaw working under him, to secure thier retirement. I have had nothing but fucking problems with everyone of these fellow employees.  Im pissed, I do not want to go back. I have had a meeting with are new boss, who says he did not know of any of this history.  I explained to him the bullshit I've gone through with these fuckheads, asked him to go to bat for me with HR to try to keep me at Midwest shop and he basically  told me good luck.   My next meeting is with Steve (assistent superintendent of schools) to try and show him I'm needed and wanted in midwest.  Wish me luck and pray to the school bus god on my behalf.   I love my job , but i hate the thought of having to be in the same state with these pricks let alone sharing a break room with them.  I will admit though that all this shit over the last 6 yrs has really strengthened my resolve and patience. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

so far so good

i got my claim reviewed for my computer purchase, and they paid me the full amount. i was very shocked. especially after the hoops i jumped in and out of to get this all taken care of. truck runs great, and total out of pocket for a new trany and a new ECU  , deductible and sales tax, $168.50 . not to bad concidering i was without my truck for about 6 weeks  ,  I walked alot. Went to another funeral yesterday, my good friend joe and wife jerry, lost grandma wilma at 81 yrs (health issues) Wilma and mother had meet many yrs ago and hit it off well, both the same in age, both coming from a homested upbringing, and both gave birth to 7 children. They had loads to talk about. The services were nice, lots of tears,  saw old friends and shared  goob memories of Wilma.    She will be greatly missed. wished you could have known her.  Seems like lately I have gone to a great many funeral services. Funerals must be very important to us as humans, always waiting for the next one, paying our respects, traveling many hundreds of miles to attend, comforting the ones left behind. Funerals are so important that the last trip we will ever take will be to a funeral.